The Team
Passionate, dedicated, exceptional and humble

Jay Elkerton

Dr Jay Elkerton

Head – Design Education
Ph.D., MS, and BA summa cum laude
Trained in Psychology,
Engineering, and Computer Science
Mini Executive MBA
MURAL Network Consultant
Certified LUMA Practitioner,
Facilitator, and Instructor

A Transformative Design Leader, Educator and Mentor

  • “Unlocking tools, people, and ideas for design innovation”
  • Taught and conducted HCD research at:
    • University of Minnesota
    • The University of Michigan
    • Virginia Tech
  • Applied HCD in consumer electronics, telephony, computing, Industrial automation, and government
  • Established global design operations at Emerson

Global impact on products, solutions, and people

  • Moved dozens of digital products to market faster with high return on investment with strategic design thinking workshops and design sprints.
  • Expanded Emerson portfolio to include products based on IIOT, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • Increased HP revenue by growing enterprise software licenses from 40K to 140K+ / year.
  • Trained 1000s of people on design thinking, facilitation and design education
  • Supported remote design thinking workshops with the use of MURAL, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and WebEx.
  • Worked with: Emerson, HP, Nortel, NYNEX, Philips, MURAL, LUMA Institute