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Vivian Gomes

Vivian Gomes

Founder & Design Director | HCD UX | AI & Design | Google for Startups Mentor, Board member of Education Teaching Organizations, Strategic Design Leader, MURAL Network Consultant

Futurist Design Leader | Innovation Evangelist

  • Board member of UXQCC (Austria) and a UX / Design mentor on Google for Startups, initiating innovation and implementing design within organizations to lead and foster a collaborative environment.
  • Teaches digital transformation using applicable design thinking methods , mentored managers/ leaders, set up global design centers & design research labs in India, EUROPE, Asia, UK, Middle East and USA.
  • Trained professionals in industries such as healthcare, BFSI, Retail, Oil & Gas, Smart Cities, Analytics, data Science, GIS, search, eComm, Delivery, startups, SaaS/ PaaS, Frameworks, mobile/telecom, wearables, AR/VR, AI, voice, and the engineering / automotive industry.
  • A certified Facilitator of Google Design Sprint, UXQCC, LUMA and IBM Design Thinking

Conducted and Facilitated HCD, Design and AI trainings, masterclasses and sold out sessions around the world some of them are:

  • World Usability Congress, World Tour, India
  • Masterclass Facilitator, Speaker and moderator at “World Usability Congress” 2016 onwards
  • Keynote Speaker at UXPA China’s 15 year gala conference
  • Google Design Sprint at Mountain View CA, USA, Mentor + Jury member at AI Hackathon Tunisia 2019,Oman Ideathon Speaker, Mentor, Judge and UX Mentor and Masterclass at Oman SAS accelerator 2019 graduation
  • Speaker on NextGen Design Thinking ABB
  • Mentor Google AI for Social Impact, Redwood City, CA, USA 2020
  • Trained 1000s of students, professional +career shifting professional in Design Thinking and HCD
  • Worked at/with Hallmark, Disney, HP, Google for Startups, UXQCC, HFR&D, Emerson, Samsung